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SEED, an interactive directory of offerings that ranges from expert one-on-ones to reduced or free services from a wide cross-section of categories, is tailor-made for small businesses. 

This is Team REMITR’s humble effort to support the small business community as we weather the pandemic together. Join us and lend a hand.

Tech Services

Business Name
Tech ServicesSecuvy IncFree or Discounted ProductsFree Data Security & Privacy Compliance Tools & ConsultationGlobal
Tech ServicesTresbu Digital inc Free or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation Call, Design Services, Tech Support, Web DevelopmentFREE to 50% discount for cloud , mobile and web technologies , video conferencing solutions and support , serviceNow and SalesForce Canada, United States, India
Tech ServicesBlackBerryTech SupportBlackBerry Desktop software and BlackBerry AtHoc, its mass notification system, are now available free of charge for a 60 day period.United States
Tech ServicesBusiness WarriorsFree or Discounted Products, Web DevelopmentFree access to software and support for 12 months (including personalized recommendations to improve profitability).Global
Tech ServicesPing IdentityFree or Discounted ProductsFree cloud single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for unlimited apps and identities for six months. Global
Tech ServicesPanoptoFree or Discounted ProductsThree months of free access to Panopto Cloud – a service used to record and distribute video content.Global
Tech ServicesTealbookTech SupportTealbook is offering free trials and supplier reports to help combat COVID-19 shortages.Global
Tech ServicesDblue.aiFree or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation CallExperts in data engineering can help implement complex big data pipelines.Canada, United States, Global
Tech ServicesInvock Digital Private LimitedFree or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation Call, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Tech SupportFree Technology Consulting. Free access to web and mobile app for Inventory and Accounting Automation.Canada, United States, Global, India
Tech ServicesMOZTech SupportFree access to more than a dozen of Moz Academy SEO courses through May 31.United States
Tech ServicesBOXTech SupportFree 90-day trial during the crisis to help you store and share your documents online.United States
Tech ServicesWorkhumanTech SupportFree access to cloud-based social recognition tools for 12 months (specifically Life Events, Social Recognition, and Conversation platforms).United States
Tech Services15FiveTech SupportFull access to performance-management software through June 15, to help companies lead remote teams.United States
Tech ServicesIgloo SoftwareTech SupportIgloo, a digital workplace solutions provider, is offering its Business Continuity Bundle for free to support through the crisis. Canada
Tech ServicesZohoTech SupportWeb and mobile apps are free to small-business owners through July 1, to help remote teams communicate, collaborate, and be productive.Canada
Tech ServicesAlign TechnologiesTech SupportSoftware available for free to small businesses to help teams improve the flow of communication & manage updates & tasks through Covid19.United States
Tech ServicesCloudflareTech SupportCloudflare is free through September! The product makes it easier for your team to securely access internal apps remotely without a VPN.United States
Tech Services1PasswordTraining SupportFree service to small-business owners for 6 months, so remote teams can securely share passwords, create custom groups, vaults, and permissions.Canada
Tech ServicesMayven Studios30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Design Services, Web DevelopmentMayven helps teams with content, design, and engineering. Free 30-60min chats are being offered.Canada, United States, Global

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