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SEED, an interactive directory of offerings that ranges from expert one-on-ones to reduced or free services from a wide cross-section of categories, is tailor-made for small businesses. 

This is Team REMITR’s humble effort to support the small business community as we weather the pandemic together. Join us and lend a hand.


Business Name
Marketing ServicesNetpro DigitalFree or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Tech Support, Web DevelopmentFREE Digital Marketing Services for ONE month. Incudes Business Website Design or Re-design/ SEO/ Social Media Marketing/ Email Marketing.Global
Marketing ServicesResound MarketingFree or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation Call, MarketingResound is offering FREE virtual office hours (up to 2 hours) and 25% off all services through May 29Canada, United States
Marketing ServicesAM Public Relations30 Minute Consultation Call, MarketingPR strategy consultations to determine where and when you should be telling your story right now, and/or how to use this time to do so.Canada, United States
Media + PublishingFunctional Creative Editorial (FCE) Free or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Training SupportFCE is happy to provide the SEED community free editorial, content, PR, and marketing consultations as well as discounted service packages.Canada, United States, Global
Marketing ServicesTechokraft Productions30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Design Services, Web DevelopmentEnd Date: 30 April 2020 We'll help you craft a marketing strategy that will help your business stay afloat during this pandemic.Global
Consulting ServicesideamagixFree or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Design Services, Web DevelopmentFor the next 6 months we are offering flat 30% off on our projects and free 30 minutes consultation call to guide them through this scenarioCanada, United States, Global
Marketing ServicesDesign EverythingMarketing, Design Services, Web DevelopmentWe can do a deffered payment for all the works and provide great value for money services. Canada, United States, Global
Marketing ServicesTrufanFree or Discounted Products, MarketingTrufan is giving any SMB (under 25K followers) free 45 day access to SocialRank, a platform helping SMBs engage their online fans.Global
Consulting ServicesIndividual Capacity as a Consultant30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Training SupportCan provide a very unique perspective on Business Cycles & how debts cycles caused by central banks can used to our advantage! Global
EducationLevellingUpFree or Discounted Products, HR Support, Marketing, Training SupportPrice reduced: advanced business skills help in a unique combo of interactive coaching with experts, small peer groups, & videocall delivery.Global
Marketing ServicesHubSpotMarketing, Training SupportAll paid features are free for 90 days. Starter Growth Suite is now only $50 USD per month (regularly priced at $112.50 USD per month).United States
Marketing ServicesWild Creek Web Studio30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Web DevelopmentFree 30 min discovery call for businesses that are looking to leverage digital medium to scale and grow.Canada, United States, Global
Marketing ServicesPareen Lathia (freelance)Free or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation Call, MarketingFree digital marketing/content strategy consultation. Discount on content writing of any kind. Canada, United States, Global, India
Media + PublishingHootsuiteMarketingFree access to the professional plan through July 1 to engage with audiences, create content, and manage crises.Canada
Marketing ServicesShopifyMarketingThose of you currently on a 14-day trial, can extend it at no charge to 90 days.Canada
Marketing ServicesCalendlyMarketingFree integrations with video meeting tools (Zoom and GoToMeeting), through June, to help make connecting easy during COVID-19.United States
Tech ServicesMayven Studios30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Design Services, Web DevelopmentMayven helps teams with content, design, and engineering. Free 30-60min chats are being offered.Canada, United States, Global

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