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SEED, an interactive directory of offerings that ranges from expert one-on-ones to reduced or free services from a wide cross-section of categories, is tailor-made for small businesses. 

This is Team REMITR’s humble effort to support the small business community as we weather the pandemic together. Join us and lend a hand.

eCommerce + Retail

Business Name
eCommerce + RetailUpRamp by One NetFree or Discounted ProductsUpRamp is One Net's response to Covid-19. We're putting our large clients aside to help small independent businesses shift their operations online. And, we're hiring laid off Canadians to perform the work. Offer valid until the Covid crisis ends.Canada, United States, Global
eCommerce + RetailLightspeedTech SupportOffering omnichannel customers free access to three paid offerings: Delivery, eCommerce, and Loyalty. Canada

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