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SEED, an interactive directory of offerings that ranges from expert one-on-ones to reduced or free services from a wide cross-section of categories, is tailor-made for small businesses. 

This is Team REMITR’s humble effort to support the small business community as we weather the pandemic together. Join us and lend a hand.

Consulting Services

Business Name
Consulting ServicesInvolve Design Inc.30 Minute Consultation Call, Design ServicesFREE 30 min consultation. Save 30% (up to $5,000) on all of your UX, UI, product discovery, design strategy, or customer research needs.Global
Consulting ServicesideamagixFree or Discounted Products, 30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Design Services, Web DevelopmentFor the next 6 months we are offering flat 30% off on our projects and free 30 minutes consultation call to guide them through this scenarioCanada, United States, Global
Consulting ServicesYYJLocalsForLocals - A volunteer initiativeFree or Discounted ProductsPro-bono marketing and website assistance to local small businesses, restaurants, and bars.Canada
Consulting ServicesSL&G30 Minute Consultation Call, Financial Services, Training SupportSL&G has and always will provide free ongoing guidance, including: demonstrating responsible management to investors.Canada
Consulting ServicesVirtual Gurus Free or Discounted ProductsFREE: 1 month of Virtual Assistant Services for Startups. Canada, United States
Consulting ServicesIndividual Capacity as a Consultant30 Minute Consultation Call, Marketing, Training SupportCan provide a very unique perspective on Business Cycles & how debts cycles caused by central banks can used to our advantage! Global
Consulting ServicesIndividual - Deepam Prithyani30 Minute Consultation Call, Training SupportMovies Ticketing and Payment Products Lead @ BookMyShow is offering product management consultation for your team.Canada, United States, Global
Consulting ServicesPandadocFree or Discounted ProductsPandadoc is offering a new free eSign plan – this is a free eSignature solution that keep business doors open and deals coming in.Global
Consulting ServicesThriveFree or Discounted ProductsThrive is offering their software for free to those impacted by COVID19.Global
Consulting ServicesSMART Conversations30 Minute Consultation CallWe are coaches, consultants and trainers. We can act as a sounding board and provide advice or leadership coaching through crisis. Global, English-speaking only

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